“Since I participate in Colombianitos I have learned a lot of important things as to be on time, responsible, respectful. I also thank for the workshops that I didn’t have access to before being part of the organization. I am more dedicated to my studies and my family now. I have learned a lot thanks to Sergio and Sebastian (Soccer Coaches), to respect and take care of all what can help us be better human beings in the future. The most important thing is that I have learned is to be clean with myself and with my things”  Male – 17 years old

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Ministry of Interior Launches Ten-Year Football´s Plan together with "Colombianitos"

"Tiempo de Juego" & "Contexto Urbano"

The strategic goal is eradicate the violence inside and outside the stadiums, and become this sport in a tool to built pace and democracy. 

The construction  of this policy  was a commitment of President Juan Manuel Santos with enthusiast and leaders of this sport, that was leaded by the Minister Iragorri Valencia together with Tiempo de Juego, Colombianitos and Contexto Urbano.